New Friends, New Trails, New Adventures!


So, once again, I went on my 7 mile run this morning.  Only this time, I met up with my friend Samantha for a bike ride afterwards!  We had such a blast riding through a trail I had never done before.  We enjoyed seeing cool iguanas and turtles, did some strange people watching and, of course, had some awesome girl-talk time.  What a great way to end the weekend!  Actually… what a great way to start my Sunday!  A reverse brick workout, LOL.  Now, I gotta start getting serious about cycling and running back to back… but in the correct order.

After Samantha and I finished having a yummy breakfast, I took my bike to the shop to get it serviced, have the handle bars re-taped and buy some road pedals and cycling shoes. I’m looking pretty legit now on that bike, LOL 😉  Ready for my months of training ahead.  Gonna be awesome!