You got this…


Compared to what life brings us, running a few miles is nothing. We can accomplish any goal, suffer any disappointment, survive any turn in the road… ‘Cause running reminds you, “this totally sucks, but, you got this!” 😉

February 15th: Choices

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could choose everything we had in life?
What if even those unwanted circumstances we were dealt with were given a different meaning?  What if our personal tragedies became sources of power and strength rather than weakness, hurt and victimization?  I’m choosing to see them that way.

January 12th: Give it More! (Dale Mas!)


The weather was gorgeous today so I’m really happy I got to spend most of my time outdoors supporting a friend who was participating in a mountain biking race at a local park.  There were lots of families there, playing with balls, riding bikes, barbecuing and just enjoying how amazing it was out, like I was.

At one point I stepped away from the event and walked through a small portion of the park to find a restroom.  On one of the paths on my way over there, I saw a mother pushing the back of her daughter’s bike.  The little girl was whining and crying, obviously freaked out that her mom would let go of the bike and she would fall.  Her mother got a little annoyed by how whiny she was being and snapped at her in Spanish “Dale! Dale mas.  La vida es como la bicicleta.  Cuando crees que vas a caer, le tienes que dar mas.” Translation:  “Come on!  Give it more.  (pedal harder)  Life is like a bicycle.  When you think you’re going to fall, you’ve got to give it more.”  

It obviously had no impact on the 6-7 year old kid but, I sure as hell liked it 🙂