January 26th: Nature

Or this gorgeous sunset :)

After being stuck in a window-less office 5 days a week, I actually look forward to waking up early weekend mornings for my runs.  Not for the exercise, but just to spend some time outdoors, breathing in fresh air, getting some vitamin D from the sun and enjoying the feel and smells of everything.

This Sunday, I spent the ENTIRE day outdoors and had a blast.  A friend and I hiked 6+ miles through Estero State Park on Florida’s western coast then enjoyed a lovely sunset on Sanibel Island.  Shameful to say but, I’ve lived in Florida almost my entire life and had never been to this location only 2 hours away from my home!  It was lovely and I got to see so many fun and interesting things.  Enjoying it with a kind soul is always a bonus 🙂

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