March 8th and 9th: Epic Declaration to the Universe

casey 1

So, this weekend I got to see and help out at a mountain biking race!  The weather was awesome, the company was lovely and doing something out of my usual was great!  Bonus is… its inspired me to try something new.  I don’t know about getting filthy dirty and riding on trails just yet (not saying I won’t try it eventually) but, I’ve decided I’m going to get on a bike of another sort….. and try doing a triathlon this upcoming season!!

That’s right!  This prissy bookworm, crocheting domestic diva, wanna-be athlete is not just going to run a sub-two-hour half marathon next season… She’s declaring to the universe that she’s gonna do a triathlon too!

Because I don’t have a legitimate road bike just yet, I filled the tires of my mom’s old bike from the 90’s (It was laying in my garage) and went on my first short ride this weekend!  I’ll be filling you in on my adventures as they arise.

Here are some fun photos from the race 🙂