Live conch at the beach

The winds were strong last night as we took an evening stroll on the beach. We saw several kite surfers “catching air” and were able to collect lots of cool treasures that the surf had washed up shore. One treasure we found, however, was still alive! 

Check out this conch’s alien-like googly eyes.  ūüėÄ

Do your part!

plastic bags and sea turtles

Yeah, I was lazy today… I skipped my run. ¬†It was just too hot and my heart wasn’t in it. ¬†My heart, however, is alway in for a walk on the beach. ¬†Today was no exception and it made me feel slightly less guilty about not running.

As I walked towards the staircase down to the beach, I saw a dispenser for plastic grocery bags, intended to encourage people to fill these bags with their garbage while at the beach.  I took one on a whim and decided to fill it as I walked to the inlet and back- my go-to 2 mile walk.

What I found was really surprising and disappointing. ¬†Empty chip bags, Starbucks cups, Styrofoam, soda cans and plastic bottles… What is wrong with people?

Did you know what most adult sea turtles have plastic in their GI system? ¬†Did you also know that plastic in the GI system of any sea creature causes them to feel bloated and full, resulting in them starving to death because they don’t feel the need to eat? ¬†These facts sadden me and make me feel concerned when I see people leave remnants of their picnics all over the beach with complete disregard for their environment.

Imagine how clean our beaches would be if we all committed to picking up our own garbage and making a commitment to filling one small bag with the garbage we find each time with visit?!  Fun thought and maybe something that we can encourage our younger generations to get into the habit of doing.

Besides¬†beach-combing for trash, I found some treasures which redeemed the evening, most notably a shark’s tooth!