Father’s Day Surprise: Mango Tres Leches


When my father’s mango tree started to give fruit a few weeks ago, I teased that I wanted some.  He jokingly responded that he would, under the condition that I invented a mango flavored Tres Leches cake (his favorite dessert).

I accepted the challenge and secretly made him one for father’s day! It came out so amazingly moist,  creamy and mango-y I have to pat myself on the back.  Lol. I’m submitting the recipe into a contest so I can’t share just yet but will let you know the results!

These Kids…


As a high school teacher, you don’t get many gifts for the holidays as compared to elementary school.  One very special gift I received, however, was a tin of home-made cookies with this hilarious note written on an index card taped right to the top.

This kid makes me laugh on a daily basis!  What is there to “put up with”?  This is the stuff that makes my job so much fun. ❤ 🙂

Getting Centered

Today it was difficult to get out there and run. I’m both exhausted and lazy… but these are the rewards I must remember when I find myself wanting to take a day off.

Firstly, I feel so much more energized.  True, I was exhausted when I came home from work and almost passed out on the couch.  True, the LAST thing in the universe I wanted to do was anything physical.  But it is ALSO true that once you force your body into motion, you begin to realize that most of our day to day exhaustion is emotional or mental and not physical.  I have more energy after having run 4 miles than if I had slept an hour.  Go figure!

Secondly, I got some outdoor time.  Most office jobs (or teaching jobs, for that matter) don’t allot for time outdoors.  We spend most of our time breathing in the same stale air under artificial lighting.  I’ve even had two jobs in which I worked in offices without windows!  Can you imagine not getting a glimpse of sunlight for 8 hours of every day?!?!

After my run, I walked across the street to the beach and enjoyed this view.  I saw a little girl chasing small water birds whose species I don’t know, a flock of prehistoric looking pelicans flying across the darkening sky and a sailboat with some very lucky passengers pass by close to shore.  What could be better than that?

Being Epic!

beam of sunlight

I have recently been inspired to reassess my bucket list and goals.  As I reviewed some of my previous posts, I realized that, WOW, I actually achieved some of those things!!
And although it would be silly to say that I didn’t “intentionally” achieve them, I will admit that many of them were achieved in a more “organic” and less conscious manner than I had anticipated.  Why is that?… the psychotherapist in me understands “why” but still gets excited by how the mind works to create what the heart desires.

The simple act of writing out your goals makes them more tangible.  You’ve declared it. You’ve engaged in the physical act of writing it down and now you have a visual reminder of what it is that you want to achieve.  Its no longer just in the corner of your mind.  Its right there in front of you! Now, what you do with what is right in front of you is up to you.  You could dismiss it as a silly fantasy or you could actually commit to the belief that these things are a possibility for you.  I chose to believe that they are a possibility… in fact, I chose to believe that nothing that I truly want is IMPOSSIBLE.

On that sentiment, here is a list of things I am sending out into the universe, with full belief in their possibility.  Some I’ve already achieved, some I still need to check off the list.  I hope to build this list up to 100 soon 😉  Those which have been crossed out have already been checked off my list.  (Disclaimer, I have not written these in any type of order of importance.  They are simply in the order in which they occurred to me as I sat at my desk a few days ago… distracting myself from doing what I should have been doing which was grading essays, lol.)

  1. Visit Japan while cherry trees are in full bloom
  2. Run the Paris Marathon
  3. Write and publish a novel
  4. Go on an air balloon ride
  5. Have children
  6. Live in a home with a view of the ocean (awesome retirement!)
  7. Do the Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West
  8. Complete a 1/2 Iron Man
  9. Run a full marathon
  10. Get my Scuba License
  11. Go on a photo safari in Africa
  12. Visit the Pyramids of Egypt
  13. Napa Valley 1/2 marathon
  14. Sell my travel photos
  15. Find a loving partner who reciprocates my devotion
  16. Raise over 1.5K for paralysis research (Help by donating here!)
  17. Show up at the airport and just take the next flight to WHEREVER!
  18. Spend an entire summer vacation in a home in either Spain or Italy
  19. Crochet a garment, not just an afghan or accessory (thats hard!)
  20. Learn to speak French FLUENTLY (not so choppy)
  21. Teach English abroad
  22. Go whale watching in Alaska
  23. See a baby sea turtle hatch/ go into the ocean
  24. Go to a Michelin star restaurant and eat the chef’s 10+ course “tasting menu”
  25. Swim in the bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico
  26. Be able to do a yoga headstand (without breaking my neck immediately thereafter)
  27. Attend a mass at the vatican
  28. Stay home with my kids until they start pre-k
  29. Do a “century” on my bike
  30. See Paul McCartney in concert
  31. Visit the Great Wall of China
  32. Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico
  33. Visit Machu Picchu in Peru
  34. See the Colosseum
  35. Visit Taj Mahal in India
  36. Visit Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
  37. Get my graduate degree
  38. Hike the entire length of the Inca Trail
  39. Go hiking and camping somewhere in the western US
  40. Go to a U2 concert
  41. See Pavarotti in concert
  42. See Toni Bennet in concert
  43. Break a two hour half marathon
  44. hmmmmm…….




A Sign of Peace

Sorry I have left you for so long,  my friends.  I have had so many amazing changes occur in my life and I’m excited to fill you in! I have a new career,  new amazing friends to share my life with and new goals to achieve.

I’ve continued to run and feel that I’ve gotten stronger.  This summer,  I have kept my schedule pretty regular.  I have treated myself to several recovery walks along the ocean afterwards and these pictures are from my greatest of discoveries while on one of these walks… a baby sea turtle making its way back to the ocean.

It’s brothers and sisters had left it much earlier in the day and it was stumbling around trying to figure out which way to go.  So precious and tiny!

When I posted this on Facebook,  a friend of mine informed me that turtles traditionally represent peace in one’s life.  How fitting that I should see this now.  I am happy and at peace… there are so many adventures to look forward to in the upcoming months.  I can’t wait to find my way to the ocean and experience the successes of all my efforts!