‘Tis the Season to be Silly

Posing with Santa

Posing with Santa

My sister and I are trend setters.  2 years ago, we were the only goofs wearing hats shaped like rotisserie turkeys at our local Turkey Trot 5K.  The following year, a photo of us made the front of that same Turkey Trot’s flyer and, low and behold, we had started a trend!  On that year’s race day, it was clear that people had gotten the message and considerably more participants wore crazy get-ups and the tradition has continued through this year.


Besides our local Turkey Trot, we have made it a tradition to participate in at least one Christmas-themed race a year.  And this year, were able to do two:  The Reindeer Run at Sea World, Orlando and the inaugural Jingle Bell Jog in Fort Lauderdale.

For the Reindeer Run, we put together some great snowmen costumes using elastic, white tulle, plastic snowflakes from the dollar store, white long-sleeved shirts, large black buttons and white stockings.  The hats were purchased last year in the Target dollar bins during a post-Christmas clearance.  The results were perfection!  We turned heads and were asked by strangers if they could take photos of us.  Not bad if I don’t say so myself.

The Jingle Bell Jog was fun because the costumes came as part of the entry!  No tech shirts for this race.  Full Santa costumes for all!  Check out the sea or running Santas down Las Olas Boulevard.  Oh what fun it is to run in a felt costume in 75 degree heat and humidity.  Only in Florida, lol!



Beach-y Bracelets


Check out these lovely bracelets I made with fun finds from the beach!  My mom and I collected several during out trip to the beach last long-weekend.  I got busy drilling holes and found some great beads in my craft closet.  Some of the shells didn’t survive the drill but its a learning process knowing where to drill and which shells are best for the project.  Look for the future post on how-to!

Wine Crate Herb Garden


herb garden


I’m a creature of habit.  I have little routines that I look forward to and that bring me joy. My favorite of these is sleeping in and drinking coffee in bed while watching FoodNetwork on Sunday mornings.
Charlie, Max and I have a grand old time just cuddling, napping and caffeinating.  My favorite shows are those that show the host in his or her home, preparing a fun meal for the friends that will be coming over to celebrate the event they’re supposedly planning. I sit and fantasize about all the parties I could host and serve this or that dish at or how I could make this dish better or what I would add or omit from the other.
Sometimes, I get ideas for things that have nothing to do with cooking at all, such as decorating, party themes or, as was the case a couple of weeks ago, gardening.  One host showed how she used a box frame as a shelf in which she placed her planted herbs.   I’ve been ruminating on that one for a while… then Saturday it hit me!  Here’s what I came up with 🙂
  • I went to my local wine superstore and purchased some wooden wine crates for $5 each.  Most wine stores either give these away or sell them to patrons who want to use them as gift boxes, etc.  You may have to ask a store clerk where they’re located for purchase or if you can just have them for free!
  • Variety of potted herbs (I got mine on sale, 5 for $10!)
  • clear spray paint with matte or satin finish
  • ring hangers, 2 hangers for each planter box.

Here’s how I put it all together:

Grades to “Bee” Proud of

grades to bee proud of

End of the third quarter means that report cards are coming in soon! I’m ready for the honor roll list to be complete so I can post it on my cute little bulletin board.  Have I told you how much I enjoy changing this bulletin board every quarter and for every special occasion.

Although most Guidance Counselors don’t get to do nifty stuff like this too often, I sure am glad I get the opportunity to at my school.  Its the small things that make work a little sweeter. 🙂

March 30th: Hatsume Festival


Today, I went to the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens to enjoy their Hatsume festival.  There were art vendors, drum performances and other exhibits.  The weather was perfect, the grounds were amazing and it made for a wonderful end to my Spring Break.  Check out the sites!

Afterwards, we got a little crafty and decided to try our hand at painting!  I painted the coy above, inspired by the gardens we had just enjoyed.  Fun way to spend an afternoon.