J’aime Les Oeufs


The French have an obsession with eggs.  It might not be as high up in the ranks as butter, wine and stinky cheese but, trust me, eggs are up there.  In quiches, omelets, deep yellow brioche breads or served sunny side up with asparagus for dipping, the French love it all.  And in recent years, I too have developed a liaison amoureuse with these suckers.


Besides the olfactory hallucinations I have of brewed coffee while on my weekend morning long runs, the second thing I begin to crave several miles in are my over-easy eggs and rye toast. I questioned whether this was even a healthy thing for me to indulge myself in every weekend as I’ve heard that eggs can raise your cholesterol.  The good news is that there’s TONS of research that shows that eggs are actually an extremely healthy, whole food and its not an “indulgence” at all.

Here is an article and brief video about the importance of eggs in the diet of athletes and how they actually DON’T raise your cholesterol.  So crack a few and enjoy!

How to Eat Like a US Olympian

Advantages of Eating Eggs- Competitor.com Video


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