Holiday Calorie Pile Up… and Burn off!

How the HECK does one eat healthy during the holidays?!  Well, the answer for us normal people is… you DON’T.  You allow yourself to eat whatever you want to eat because its a special time of the year with amazing dishes that are only prepared during this season… and amazing bottles of wine that are only opened during this time too!  Are you really and truly going to prohibit yourself from indulging?  Well, if you are, than you’re a stronger woman than I (and I’m known by many to have pretty amazing will power).

The trick isn’t to abstain, its to MODERATE.  And, if you have time off like I do, just increase your physical activity.  It takes the edge off of all that family-time stress anyway    ;-).

Look at the delicious foods I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing my face with for the past week.

So, here was this week’s workout schedule to balance it all out:

Monday:  Run a fast 3 miles to start things off right.

Tuesday: Cycle 15 miles and register for swimming classes to assure I follow through.

Wed: Ran 6 miles on the morning of Christmas  Eve with my friend Jessica!

Thurs: Relaxed but felt guilty about for approximately 10 minutes before having a glass of wine and watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on the couch.

Fri: Ran 9 miles and hit the stores for some retail cardio: after-Christmas sales!

Sat: Light walk and clean the house.

Sun: Holiday 10K with my friend Caitlin!

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