Crunchy Purple Veggie Cravings!


I’ve already shared with you my strange affinity for hearts of palm (Secret Single Behavior), my love of canned sardines (Omegas!) and my near obsession with blended zucchini soup (Green Machine). So, what’s my newest “hippy-dippy-health-nut” addiction?… red cabbage dipped in spicy hummus.

I crave salty crunchy foods like its nobody’s business but I work too hard to give in to my temptations and completely ruin all the good things I’ve been doing for my body.  Why indulge in empty, fatty, non-nutritive garbage when I can still get the delicious crunch I crave from something really good for me?

Purple fruit and vegetables are packed with nutrients our bodies need.  Remember, when choosing your food, a good rule to follow is that the more vibrant in color, the more nutrient-rich it is.  Look at greens, for example:  A hand full of dark green kale has TONS more nutritional value than a hand full of iceberg lettuce.

Here are some articles that give a little more info on the benefits of purple foods:

5 Health Benefits of Purple Food

Doctor Oz Purple Food article

So, how do I eat it?  Cut the cabbage into finger-width slices.  (I love those beautiful swirls that are revealed once cut!) and just dip into some hummus which has been sprinkled with cayenne pepper.  I put that s*%$ on everything!  😉  Happy snacking!

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