Don’t Go Bacon My Heart… I Couldn’t if I Fried

wpid-img_8536.jpgOn Saturday, I ran my first official race of the season… the Great American Bacon 5K!

While I didn’t plan on taking the race too seriously, I do take my bacon eating pretty seriously so I had to BRING IT with our team name and jerseys!  And despite the gimmicky theme, the course was not easy.  The park in which it was held is a converted trash mound and had some serious elevation changes.  (For all you non-Floridians, trash mounds are the highest points of elevation when you live at sea level, lol.) What’s more, the race didn’t start until 8:20 which made for an uncomfortably hot run.

Team “Don’t Go Bacon My Heart” was comprised of some pretty kick ass runners of all different levels!  The newbies got Personal Records, the sprinters had a blast and a new mommy got her first post-baby 5K under her belt!  And the best part?… Good conversation and some nice cold beers to celebrate at our impromptu tailgating after-party at my car.  Let the race season begin!



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