Do… Epic… Shit

doepicshitI consider October 1st to be the official start of running season here in South Florida and I’m so excited I can barely contain myself… This is evident to all of my friends and co-workers who are just about at their wits end listening to me squeal with excitement each time I register for another race or realize how few days are left until my first 1/2!!!!

I have been training HARD this summer and its payed off because I’ve gotten FAST. Well, faster than I have ever been personally at least.  I’m both scared and excited to begin the season and often wonder… Will I achieve my goal?  Last year, my goal was simply to improve my time by a minimum of 2 minutes each race and I achieved this. Actually, I not only achieved it, I surpassed my goal by decreasing my time by 3+ minutes a race, ending my season with a 2:03 half marathon at the Orlando “Best Damn Race” 2014.  This, ironically, WAS the best damn race I had ever done.

What this year, then?

This year, I’ve decided that I want to achieve what one of the strongest and most knowledgable lady athletes I have ever met, Nicole, taught be about this summer as I took a class with her at a triathlon training center.  Its a little something she calls “Epic Shit.”  Yeah, that’s right… I want to achieve some Epic Shit this season, people, and I have decided that I will be doing this by breaking a 2 hour half marathon.  I want to run with the big girls and I only have to shave 3 minutes off my best time to do it.  But what a long, tedious and frightening 3 minutes it is!    

Just as I fear injury, I fear failure.  But, my excitement and belief in myself are stronger than any fear that I may have.  Let the season begin!!!!

P.S. I have also decided not to just run for myself this year.  I’ve put together a page with a great organization that I’ll tell you all more about on October 1st!!



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