A Sign of Peace

Sorry I have left you for so long,  my friends.  I have had so many amazing changes occur in my life and I’m excited to fill you in! I have a new career,  new amazing friends to share my life with and new goals to achieve.

I’ve continued to run and feel that I’ve gotten stronger.  This summer,  I have kept my schedule pretty regular.  I have treated myself to several recovery walks along the ocean afterwards and these pictures are from my greatest of discoveries while on one of these walks… a baby sea turtle making its way back to the ocean.

It’s brothers and sisters had left it much earlier in the day and it was stumbling around trying to figure out which way to go.  So precious and tiny!

When I posted this on Facebook,  a friend of mine informed me that turtles traditionally represent peace in one’s life.  How fitting that I should see this now.  I am happy and at peace… there are so many adventures to look forward to in the upcoming months.  I can’t wait to find my way to the ocean and experience the successes of all my efforts!




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