Home-made Mango Jam

mango jam

Its mango season in South Florida!  People who are blessed enough to have a tree in their back yard are eating them up and desperately trying to give them away to co-workers, neighbors and friends, lest they should rot on the ground or get eaten by squirrels, opossums… or the dog.  (My dog Charlie has eaten a few of my neighbor’s mangos and has come back into the house with quite the cute mango mustache on several occasions.)

Well, my caddy corner neighbor and my mother’s next door neighbor has the most gorgeous and fruit-filled mango tree in the neighborhood.  Luckily they believe that sharing is caring and gave us a few.  And this is what we came up with to use up that yummy goodness. Mango jam!!

Delicious on toast, on a ritz cracker with cream cheese, in the center of thumb print cookies or simply spooned right into your mouth!  Although the process is fun, its time consuming and messy.  All worth it in the end, though.  Check out the photos of our afternoon together.

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