Finished Just in Time…

9 miles

Well, I only set the clock back 15 minutes ONCE this morning but, I managed to get up and get my mileage in as planned.

It wasn’t my happiest run… I usually feel better and better as the miles pass but, today I got a stitch on the left side of my rib cage at mile 7.  I tried to exhale through it and keep going but I wasn’t a happy camper and it slowed me down about 30 sec per mile.

Another thing I wasn’t too crazy about during this run was that the bridge I run over had to be raised to let a boat go by on my way back. Although this gave me a well needed break, I question whether or not my average pace really counts, considering I had rest time that I wouldn’t truly have during a race.

Either way, I’m happy.  The minute I finished it began to thunder pretty loudly… As I drove home, the heavens opened up to one of our lovely Florida torrential downpours, lol.  I like running in the rain but, that thunder and lightning would have really been awful to run through.

One long run completed for the week… Next one will probably be this weekend 🙂

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