6 more years ’till Guacamole!


So, about a year ago, I made some guacamole with a few haas avocados from the grocery store.  One of them was so ripe that the seed had split and a little sprout was coming out of it.  I decided to place it in some potting soil in a planter in my screened porch…  low and behold, this is what has resulted one year later.

I was told by a friend that avocado trees do not give fruit until they are at least 7 years old so, unfortunately, I still have 6 years until I can make some more guacamole.  I don’t even mind, however, because I’m so proud and excited that its grown this much! She’s sprouted even more in the last two months since I’ve gotten back into the habit of sprinkling my used coffee grounds in her soil.

Considering how many grounds I’ve been feeding her… do you suspect her fruit will be caffeinated?  LOL 😉

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