This Week’s Long Run

long run saturday 5-18

Check out my average pace per mile this morning!  I was not feeling well and woke up still feeling pretty exhausted but, I forced myself out the door and struggled through the first 3 1/2 miles.  After the turn around, though, I felt a little lighter and less disinclined to be out there.

It was another gorgeous morning and I was just glad to be out there and enjoying it. Plus, I was passing people who looked pretty legit so, that motivated me even more, lol.  My average pace of the entire run was 8:59.  I was tired and don’t think I could have kept going.  I’m not going to get disappointed, though because my average pace and time for the Wings of Life run were pretty consistent with this and that was only a couple of weeks ago:

wings of life splits


I am so happy to be making progress on my goal to become faster.  If I keep this up, I’ll be able to achieve my sub-two-hour half marathon for SURE!!


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