May 16th: Relaxing (sort of)

dogs 1

You see that face in the background?… yeah, that cute little bugger is my mom’s dog.  The dog that I had the pleasure of taking care of for her over the weekend.  Cute as he is, he is needy, demanding and an insomniac.  This wine and chocolate was consumed not only for its health purposes (you know, the antioxidants and all that), I had to consume copious amounts of Hershey kisses and drink awful table wine just to get me though a night of his panting and whining.  (sigh)

My dogs were sure enjoying her recliner, though.

dogs 2

Before settling down to this much needed treat, I went for my weeknight run.  I wasn’t able to work out any time during the week except Tuesday so, by this Friday I was ready to bolt out the door once I got home.  I did it though.  I’m super committed to keeping my fitness level despite this crazy work/ school schedule!

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