May 13th: Night time run

back to school

Well, I’m swamped with reading 4 chapters, and I already have a couple of papers I need to be working on… and its only the second day of classes.  I spent 14 hours either in my car or at a desk at work or at school today.  My knees hurt from being bent all day, and my butt and lower back hurt from being sedentary.  When 7:55pm rolled around and the professor began to make sidebar conversation with my peers, I quietly escaped the classroom and ran to my car.  I wanted to take advantage of the last bits of day light.  I needed to see the sun for my own sanity after being in a window-less office then a window-less classroom all day.  Plus I didn’t want to run in total darkness.

I got to the house, greeted the pups, changed and headed out the door.  I did 3 miles at an 8:50 pace under the light of a full moon.  Not the best run I’ve had but most definitely not the worst.  I’ll proudly accept my performance, especially considering the crazy long day I had.  Feels so good to keep it up! Now…. lets get some of that reading done… :-\

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