May 12th: Back to school , back to school…

back to school 1
(I love Billy Madison, LOL!)
Yesterday was my first day back to school… No, no more degrees for me, thank you.  I’ve paid my dues (and am now paying my loans) for my career.  I just have to take two courses at a local university in order to meet requirements for Professional Teacher Certification.  I currently work under my temporary certification which is still good for a year but, I like to be proactive at getting stuff done.
Have I told you all how much I love school?  I also love the fact that I’m taking courses with undergraduates who are a good 12-15 years younger than me.  I feel like a kid again 😉 
My worry, though, is this:  How am I going to get my weekly runs in?  I have been doing so exceptionally well that I don’t want to break my momentum!  If I get out at 8pm, will there be enough sunlight at the end of the day to go out for a quick 5K by myself safely?  We shall see.  I didn’t plan on running the first day but was going to assess the daylight situation as I was leaving class.  

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