May 10th: We’re So Cultured!

saturday 1
I went for my second 20 mile bike ride this Saturday morning… and what an epic fail of a ride it was.  I don’t know if it was because I was exhausted, if I was just having an off day, or if it was the CRAZY gusts of wind that were threatening to push me down the whole ride but, it was NOT a fun ride.
I was obnoxiously slow and sweating profusely the entire ride.  My legs felt like jello and my heart felt like it was trying to escape my body via my throat!  Regardless, the photo above is how I posed at the half way point.  (A view of the ocean is truly a cure-all.) 
After the ride, we washed up and headed to my school for the yearly school carnival.  I collected tickets at the dunk tank for a brief while then was relieved of my duties.  We took advantage of having traveled South then headed to the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art.  They had an amazing exhibit of the American painter, William Glackens’ work as well as an exhibit of Civil Rights photography by Ben Adelman and multiple works by artists from the CoBrA era.  Very cool stuff!
Here we are engaging in the interactive display after the CoBrA exhibit….  🙂

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