April 26th: My first 22 miler ever!!

Saturday I did my very first long ride on my bike!  The furthest I had ever gone up until this point was the leisurely (but very scenic) 13 mile course we did in the Everglades a few weeks ago.  I don’t really consider that a true 13 miles because it was very stop and go and not at all a straight shot like this Saturday’s 22 miles were.

I was worried that I would be embarrassingly and annoyingly slow or that I would just zonk out towards the end but I surprised myself.  I held my own pretty well, especially considering it was my first legit intro to the road.  At one point we were averaging 19/20 mph… Unfortunately that was not the average pace of the entire ride but, my goal is to be able to maintain that pace.  Slowly but surely I’ll get there.
Our turn around point was the lovely Lake Worth Pier where we got to stop for a second and enjoy a view of the ocean and the bluest sky ever.  When we got back, Casey treated me to a very romantic brunch and we toasted the occasion with mimosas.  I did it!  And not only did I survive, I had a blast!
Brunch was followed by a trip to the ocean, a walk through an art festival and then a very well deserved nap.  The combination of exercise and heat really did us in!  Could not have asked for a better Saturday.

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