April 20th: 40 days and 40 nights without you…Oh Chocolate, how I missed thee!


For lent, I gave up chocolate.

Yup!  The most amazing flavor EVER was inaccessible to me for all 40 days and 40 nights.  I kept my promise and never broke it once.  So, considering how much I was craving it this whole time, I was surprised that I wasn’t overcome with the desire to run to the kitchen and take a bite out of the chocolate bar I had in my pantry when I woke up Sunday morning.

Instead, I enjoyed a lovely 7am Easter service on the beach, a wonderful drive by the water, several cups of coffee, a nap and THEN decided to eat this very delicious double chocolate chip cookie at my mom’s house as we waited for lunch to be served… totally worth the wait!  Can you see the look of bliss on my face!?

We ate twice and were EXHAUSTED when it was over but it was a great day.  Very blessed.  Happy Easter or Passover everyone! 🙂

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