April 13th: Gumbo Limbo 10K


Today I did a 10K with my friend Caitlin.  It was an overcast, extremely windy morning and I had one too many beers at my bbq last night but, I managed to try my best and finished without falling over, LOL.

I ran at an average pace of just under 9 minute miles and really enjoyed myself.  It was a beautiful morning and I got to spend some time with friends…. can’t beat that.  This photo was taken by Casey just as the sun was rising over the ocean.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday morning, even if you ARE running while hung-over. :-/

More photos from the race:

5 thoughts on “April 13th: Gumbo Limbo 10K

    • Thank you!!! I tried my best. I’m getting faster little by little but am not yet “fast” by any means. 🙂 Its going to take a lot of training this summer to get me where I want to be next season! I appreciate the encouragement.


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