April 7th and 8th: Lazy Funk


I am really grateful for having had such a fun and active weekend but, to be honest, Monday and Tuesday evenings were rough!

I usually change my clothes the minute I come home from work and prepare to go out for either a run or a bike ride.  But on Monday when I walked through the door of my house, the only thing I could think to do was EAT.  I was so hungry and fatigued that I ate dinner at 4:30 pm.  I told myself that I would give myself an hour to digest my food then go for a run at 5:30…. 5:30 rolled around and I was on the couch spooning with my dog Max, fast asleep.

Tuesday evening was similar.  I had all the good intentions in the world to go for a quick run before I went out to see a Panthers Hockey Game…  That only resulted in yet another early dinner and cuddle session with my yorki-poo.

Plan for Wed… bring a bigger lunch so I’m not so hungry when I get home and don’t think so much about whether or not I want to run when I get home.  Just get dressed AND GO!

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