April 4th and 5th: Bike Rides, Gators and Cocktails!


This weekend has been filled with some great adventures and beautiful weather.  The bonus is that I’ve gotten some practice in with my new bike as well!!!

Saturday we visited Everglades National park and took our bikes on a nice 13 mile ride along side a very gator-saturated canal.  We lost count but are pretty sure we saw upwards of 40+ gators that day.  The park was filled with families and tourists but it was well worth the amazing ride and beautiful weather.  Check out some of the amazing wild-life we saw:

We were also privileged to see a two Kites (the birds not the toys) fly over head.  All in all, a beautiful trip.

We ended our evening with a dinner out on the town.  Time outdoors, nature, a little sun and cocktails to top it all off… Pretty much describes a perfect day if you ask me. 🙂

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