I Kept Going…


I don’t know if I have a cramp or a pulled muscle in my left calf but it HURRRRTTSS…

It started hurting the minute I started running this evening.  I stretched and pulled through the pain to keep running because I was doing well and was feeling great otherwise.  Although I was happy to have kept going, I’m wondering if it was kind of a stupid move because, to be honest, it now hurts me more.  I better not be in too much pain to enjoy my long run this Sunday!  Either way, I’ll still keep going during that run too… I’ll rest from running until then.

This evening I drank coconut water for the potassium and took Magnesium in case its a cramp and have massaged it and put on some Biofreeze and took a Turmeric for the inflammation…  Wish me luck :-/

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