April 1st: Well on my way…

good run

Today was hectic both during and after work… by the time it was 5pm I was so hungry and tired, all I could think to do was eat dinner.  I had nothing prepared so when my mom asked me to join her for some lentil soup at her place, I agreed.  After a bowl of that fiber- protein-iron-rich-goodness, I felt like a sluggish bump on a log.

As I sat with mom on the patio after dinner, though, all I could think of was going for a run.  I was so restless that my mind was going 100 miles an hour thinking about lacing up and hitting the pavement….  I wouldn’t feel right until I did it.

I gave myself a couple hours to digest and headed out just before it got dark.  Fastest run in a few months and well under 9 minute miles which is one of the goals I shared being committed to achieving!  I’m well on my way 🙂

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