Goals I’m Committed To!

race goals
Goals I’m Committed to Achieving Next Season (in order of importance and obtainability to me):
  1. Sub-two-hour half marathon
  2. Do a triathlon
  3. Do most of my training runs under 9 minute miles
  4. Paris Marathon in April 2015… I’m not quite sure if I’m committed to doing a full…  Have I forgotten how much a full marathon hurts?  Do I have the commitment to train for that many miles?  Do I have the money to do this?  Lol… all of this remains to be seen.
Steps I’m Taking Now:
  1. Good bye Galloway:  Although I started running using the Galloway method 5 years ago and still using it loosely during races, I have stopped doing this during my training runs.  For any of you that may not be familiar with Jeff Galloway’s run/ walk method, it’s a great way to ease yourself into running.  Running and walking at timed intervals gives you the ability to run faster and recover more quickly.  I may not be able to run a full 13 miles without taking a few walk breaks to lower my heart rate but, doing all of my training runs without walking has helped me build a lot more endurance.  As the saying goes “I run ‘till it hurts so that tomorrow, it’ll hurt less.”
  2. Biker Chick: So, I may not know how to ride it very well but, I have the most important tool necessary if I’m going to attempt to do a triathlon… my awesome new road bike.  I’m taking it out for short 7 mile rides until I can coordinate to go a little further with a friend for support (yeah, I’m a chicken, so what?!) I’m pretty psyched.
  3. Flying (running) Solo:  Although being part of a group has been a huge contributing factor to getting me active and involved in athletics, it is only now that I’m doing most of my runs alone that I am truly coming into my own.  It’s fun socializing with others but if you really want to get faster, you’ve got to be able to push yourself… and only YOU can feel how far you want to be pushed.  You can’t push someone else and no one can push you.
Steps I’m taking Soon:
  1. Sink or Swim: I’m signing up for swimming classes this summer.  I can do a mean froggy and doggy paddle but, I’ll admit, that my swimming form is pretty pathetic.  If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right!
  2. High tech: Although I’ve been kinda “winging it” with calculating my pace during races up until now, I got a taste of what it’s like to use a Garmin watch during my last half and got hooked.  My sister let me borrow hers at the “Best Damn Race” we did together and it was pretty amazing.  Not only did it tell me what my current average pace was at all times during the race but, I was able to print out my pace per mile afterwards.  I couldn’t believe that mile 12 was my fastest at an average 8:32 a mile!  (did I want to get it over with or what?!)  I’ll be asking my family to get me one for my b-day this summer!!!
  3. Extra Income:  I need more mullah to support my racing habits.  Rather than sit under the laurels (or the palm trees at the beach) this summer, I’m going to have to get myself a little part time job to fill in my spare time and make some extra cash for these entry fees and possible travel expenses.

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