When Race Season is Over…

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Since my epic race-season finale, I have no other scheduled half marathons in the near future.   And, to be honest, there aren’t many (if any at all) to register for in my neck of the woods anyway.   They probably won’t start up again until September or October.

Although its been cool and overcast lately, in about a month or so, Florida’s summer weather will kick in and it’ll be unbearably hot and humid by 8am every morning.  Rather than start running indoors on a treadmill (the equivalent of Chinese water torture for me) I keep doing my thing outdoors but adjust times to avoid the dangerous conditions.

Here are 5 of my humble off-season tips to help you hit the ground running (pun is completely intended, of course) when you’re able to race again:

  1. You may not have to run as far but don’t stop doing your long-runs.  I honestly don’t significantly lower my weekly mileage during off season.  Maybe my long-runs will be 8-11 miles while I’m training but only 7-9 when I’m not.  No biggie…
  2. Increase your cross-training to strengthen hips, legs and core.  (something you can do indoors and in the air conditioning is always a plus.)  You want to protect those knees and hips by staying strong!
  3. Sign up for shorter races.  They usually organize these year-round.  I’ll be doing a 10K in a couple weeks with one of my girlfriends just for fun.  It may not be a half but, it keeps you motivated and honest about your conditioning.
  4. Start thinking about your goals.  Do you have a specific time goal?  Do you want to do a full?  Do you need to save money to support your addiction to racing out of town?  Start preparing as of now.
  5. Get social.  Join a group through your local running store or meetup.com.  Knowing that you have people waiting on you to run will keep you honest about getting out there even when its really, REALLY hot out…

I’m doing 7 or 8 tomorrow… 🙂



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