March 29th: Blueberry Pancakes and Mystery Gardening


Today i started my morning by making my first-ever batch of blueberry pancakes.  While they weren’t the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten,  they certainly weren’t the worst.  And, they were beautiful if I don’t say so myself… 🙂

After breakfast, I got a SURGE of energy and was on a mission to do gardening and housework before the end of my weekend… Work starts again on Monday!  I started in the garden by cleaning up some fallen palm fronds and finding some bulbs in the bushes…  One of the bulbs had sprouted some serious roots despite not being in the soil and the other was just beginning to grow.  I decided to tie one to a palm and plant the other…. Lets see what they become!  LOL

I also managed to salvage the last of my Aunt’s orchid.  She sprouted three babies that were beginning to wilt because the mother plant has died and begun to dry out.  I cut the babies off the mother plant and tied them to palms in my yard as well.  Next year my yard is going to be VERY colorful.  Can’t wait!


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