March 25th: Harmonium


Today, I am grateful for a lovely new experience I had.  I decided to take a yoga class this morning to fully take advantage of my time off.  I had never taken a class with this specific instructor so I was a little scared when she came into the studio carrying what looked to me like a wooden brief case.   For all I knew, was full of all sorts of torture devices intended to push my already tight hip flexers to their snapping point….  Despite this, however, she appeared to be very sweet and was actually very encouraging and supportive throughout the class.

At the end of the lesson, as is traditionally done, she led us through a very peaceful guided meditation.  As I laid with my eyes closed and breathed deeply, I became aware of the sound of her unclasping the wooden brief case open… then suddenly, the music began.

It was a deep reverberating accordion type of sound.  It played loudly, at first, then softened as she began to sing softly yet powerfully.   Such an unexpected surprise.  I felt so peaceful and privileged to have listened to that.

I looked up the instrument and come to find out its called a harmonium.  For your listening pleasure, here is an example of what it sounded like.  Its the little things…


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