Bicycles and Sore Butts

sore butt

I am proud to say that I have been hard at work running and riding my rinky-dink bicycle lately.  I have not missed a work-out except for Tuesday.  I was just too tired after coming back so late Monday night from my trip out of town and wanted to give my body a rest.

My daily routine has included either a fast 3 mile run and a short cool-down bike ride OR a 6 mile bike ride and my favorite butt exercise video.  I’m feeling good and am SOOO glad that I have begun to do a secondary form of cardio for various reasons:

  1. If I run every day, my knees and hips just don’t feel right.  I ache and feel uncomfortable.  Cycling has given me something to do in between my running days.  Extra cardio and no knee pain? What a concept!
  2. Its helping me strengthen a different set of leg muscles which, i’m sure, will ultimately make me a stronger runner.
  3. Its fun!
  4. Its getting me super psyched about getting a REAL bike and doing a tri!

Despite my excitement, I have one small complaint… MY BUTT HURTS!

You would think that with my Cuban-sized booty, it wouldn’t be a sore as it is but, I’m downright uncomfortable, people.  I either need to get a better seat for my bike, wear padded riding shorts or just suck it up and get used to it if I’m going to be making this a new habit!

I will be getting a more efficient bike sooner than later and will hopefully be able to try it out during my spring break!  I can’t wait to share THOSE new adventures with you.  Until then, I gotta keep movin’!

5 thoughts on “Bicycles and Sore Butts

    • I have a relatively ok seat. Need the padded shorts. .. never thought my Cuban booty would need more padding, though. Lol!


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