March 14-17th: Savannah Georgia Adventure!

Forsyth park

Forsyth park

You could say that I’ve done my fair share of traveling.  And, as a rule, I don’t do long road trips.  I’m more of a jet-setter type o’ girl if ya’ know what I mean.  No I don’t generally think that “getting there is half the fun”… I think BEING there is ALL the fun.  Being stuck in the cabin of my car for hours on end, smelling gas fumes and having to use public rest-area bathrooms are not this gal’s idea of a great time… But, when asked if I wanted to go on a road trip to Savannah, Georgia for a St. Patty’s Day weekend adventure, however, I jumped at the chance to make an exception to my rule.
Why, you ask?  Well, for several reasons: 1) I’ve never been to Savannah before 2) Its only 6 hours away from where I live 3) I never even knew that St. Patty’s day was such a huge ordeal there!  4) It was to celebrate the birthday of a pretty awesome person so…. Why not?!
Considering we were only there for only 1 full day and two ½ days, we fit a lot in.  We were even able to take a 3 mile bike ride from our hotel into the city, go for a 5 mile run including a loop around Forsyth Park in the center of town then ride our bikes to a lovely little café for brunch! (then ride our full bellies 3 miles back to the hotel) All in all, it was a great time with lots to be seen.
Here are some awesome picks from this weekend’s adventure:

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