March 13th: Head like an alien’s

alien head


Today, I pulled a first grader (about 7 years old) out of class to do some testing.  As I walked with him from his classroom to my office he asked:

Boy: “Ms. Cristina, to do the test do I have to read?”

Me: “Yup.  But I know you’ll think its easy.  Don’t worry.”

Boy:  “Oh, I’m not worried.  I like reading because it helps you learn and learning makes your brain grow.”

Me:  (chuckling)  “Ah!  That’s true.”

Boy:  “Did you know that I’ve been smart since I was a baby?  When I was born I already had a big brain and thats why my head looked like an alien’s.”

Me:  (more than chuckling now) “Oh, thats just silly. You’re funny!”

Boy:  “Its funny but its true.  I did have an alien head.”  (All of a sudden, he got really serious.)

Heehee!…. I can’t make this s%$# up.  These kids are too funny and they have no idea how cute they are!


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