March 6th: My Health

blood pressure

Today I am grateful for my health, despite it not being where I want it to be, because I realize that it could be a lot worse.

I am struggling with my blood pressure once again.

I thought that I had it under control since I discovered it to be EXCEEDINGLY high (170/102) in 2009.  Since then I’ve done the “Dash Diet”, quit drinking coffee, eliminated salt and increased my exercise.  I’ll admit that since then, I’ve gone back to drinking a cup of coffee every morning and, on occasion, get a little too excited with the sea salt grinder but, is that enough to undo all my healthy eating and crazy running schedule?!

I can tell myself its not fair, I can decide to deny that its high and go about my day to day until I suffer the consequences OR… I can face the music and deal with it.

My doctor offered me some natural remedies a couple of months ago but, it appears as though they’re not working as well as I’d hoped.  Time to go back and take the next step.

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