March 4th: Shooting Stars

home like a shooting star
I’ve been working very hard in recent months to “come back home.”  What I mean by this is not entirely clear, sometimes.  Even to me.
I supposed “home” is not a place but, rather, a state of being in which you are most comfortable, most content and most yourself.  As children, once we are old enough to process and give meaning to the world around us, we begin to define ourselves in relation to this world and not in relation to what we innately are.
I’ve allowed the criticism, selfishness, carelessness and even the well-intentioned opinions of others to make me stray.  I have allowed these things (as it is only natural for all humans to do) to shape me, to make me uncomfortable in my own skin, to make me sad, frustrated and inauthentic to myself…
But I’m ready to create something that is great from within and for myself so that I may share it with the world.  Like a shooting star, I’m going home.  🙂

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