March 2nd: Race #2… Mission Accomplished!


Well, we both woke up sore and tired at 5:20am this morning but neither of us let on that we thought this might be a bad idea… back to back half marathons in one weekend is pretty crazy.

Since we both put on our brave faces (and really wanted to prove that we could do this) we headed over to the Swamp House Half as planned.  It was pretty cold by our standards, around 50 degrees, and our tired muscles and joints were stiff as boards but when the blow horn sounded we were off.

The conversation was good, the company was the best and the adventure was epic.  I love my little sister and our crazy antics.  It was a fun race and the after party was lively and delicious!  Where else do you get unlimited IPA beer and jambalaya included in your race entry?!  Oh, and did I mention that they gave us a little swig of beer at mile 12 just to give us the motivational boost we needed to finish?  Fun times!

Amazing finale to an amazing race season.  I am so proud, happy and ready to train for next season’s goal: HALF MARAHON UNDER TWO HOURS!!

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