February 24th: 5 days to go!!

swamp and best

My crazy 1/2 marathon double-hitter weekend is quickly approaching, folks!  This Saturday, I will be running the “Best Damn Race” followed by Sunday’s “Swap House 1/2 marathon” in Orlando!

Crazy?… yes…. Crazy Awesome!  What better way can you think of to end an amazing running season?!  I’ve had some amazing runs, some disappointments, hit some personal records and over-all feel that I have finally come into my own as a runner.

My sister and I are psyched but a little freaked out to say the least!  We will be doing Saturday’s race for time but Sunday’s race for fun…  The Swamp House race has a really fun after party we are looking forward to the entertainment, food and endless FREE BEER to celebrate our hard work!  (We are also planning on celebrating Mardi Gras in one of Orlando’s many great hot spots so, the weekend will be a non-stop thread of manic running and shenanigans.  Just the way we like it!)

Check out the Best Damn Race and Swamp House web sites!:



What amazing ways are you planning on ending your race seasons this year??!  Please share!


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