February 19th: Dinner for One

trout dinner 2


Small victory today!  I must share that I am proud of myself for deciding not to just open up a can of garbanzo beans or tuna for dinner.  Although I cook well and have posted several healthy recipes, I must admit that I get tired and lazy sometimes after work and have been known to fix myself quick and healthy, but completely unceremonious things for dinner when I’m feeding only myself.

Today after my run, I stretched, grabbed my keys and purse then headed over to the grocery store all stinky and sweaty before I had any time to get lazy about it.  I bought myself a bunch of veggies and a piece of steelhead trout!  This delicious dinner is the result.

I simply broiled the trout the same way I prepared the salmon from my previous article (see Yumminess page) then made some sugar snap peas and farro as my sides!  Sugar snap peas recipe to follow.

I must say that preparing dinners like these for myself makes me feel like a rockstar…  Its tastier and healthier than eating out! 🙂

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