February 8th: Living on a Whim

Me... enjoying

Me… enjoying


Today, I’ve had some awesome outdoor time.  It started with a lovely impromptu breakfast at a cafe overlooking the water in Deerfield Beach.  I have to admit that walking the beach afterwards in my jeans made me very jealous of the sunbathers.  All I wanted to do was go home, get changed and head back to the water.  Unfortunately I had a 2pm  follow-up appointment with my esthetician and thought I wouldn’t have time to fit it into my day.

I thought about it for a minute and then said to myself…  what are you thinking?!  What if its overcast tomorrow?  What if I miss my opportunity and can’t go for another few weeks?  Are you really going to miss out on a gorgeous day like this after spending a whole week in a window-less office?!

So, I called to reschedule my appointment, put on my bathing suite, drove to the beach and sat my happy self down on a towel for an hour and a half.  Simple as that.  Perfection…..

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