February 7th: Attitude of Gratitude

all we have
Today I am grateful for having an attitude of gratitude.  (You must be thinking: Cristy, are you saying you are grateful for knowing how to be grateful? My answer is: YES!) Every morning when I get in my car, I say my prayers before I turn on the radio.  I have a lot to be grateful for and reminding myself of this puts everything in perspective at the start of my day.
I’m grateful for the health of my family, our closeness, for my job, my financial stability and for friends who love me.  I am grateful for all the twists and turns my life has taken and for all the things that God has taken out of my path for my own good.  I’m also grateful for my resilience and innate happiness.
But having an attitude of gratitude is a little more than just being grateful for what you’ve got… In my opinion it’s also about seeing the best in people and appreciating what they put forth, even if it’s less than what you’d want.  How many times have you wished a family member, a partner, a friend or even a co-worker could give you something more than what they’ve presented?  Maybe you wish they were better listeners, more generous, more consistent with their word, less argumentative, a better provider, happier, more cooperative.  But what if what they’re presenting to you is all they’ve got?
Seeing the best parts of people and overlooking what you don’t like may not be the best approach to finding a life partner but, I like the fact that I’m the kind of person who focusses on the best parts of people and falls in love that best part.  My family members and close friends sometimes drive me insane but, I focus on all the ways they contribute to my life that I just can’t live without.  I’m grateful for any and all contributions no matter how great or small in my life.   I am especially grateful when people give me little reminders of how they appreciate me too 🙂

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