February 5th: Being a Girly-Girl

being girly


For any of you that were assuming that I am the “sporty” type because I run half marathons, get stinky and sweaty and because most of my dirty laundry is comprised of running capris and dry wick shirts… I must regretfully inform you that I am, in fact, a SERIOUS girly-girl.

I can’t go to work without putting on mascara and ironing my hair, I only wear designer perfume, I collect chandelier earrings, I own several dozen pashmina shawls as well as several dozen pairs of pumps.  I LOVE getting all dressed up and I worship any woman with an hourglass figure.  I’m big on the way a woman should carry herself and I believe strongly that a woman should know how to walk elegantly in a pair of heels.

Today I got to wear something other than my school uniform to work because of a training I attended off-campus in the morning.  I didn’t dress exceptionally feminine today but, it was nice being a little more elegant than usual.  It kinda got me in the mood to get all girly-girl this weekend!  Now I just need an occasion…

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