February 3rd: Pepcid, Sleep and lots of coffee

what doesn't kill me

Yesterday, my stomach was DESTROYED by that half marathon…  I was starving and ate well for breakfast but by that afternoon, I couldn’t even look at food.  I just sat in the fetal position on my aunt’s couch and wished that whatever was bothering my gut would leave by whichever means necessary… but it wouldn’t.  On top of that, I had been awake since 3am and had not taken a nap all day.

This is not the first time this happens.  It seems like all of my recent races have basically put my body into shock and I’m out of commission for the remainder of the day… WHAT THE HELL!!??  I was looking forward to some celebratory cocktails or a juicy steak or something!! Not laying on the couch and turning all shades of green!!

My poor aunt gave me a Pepcid, I got home and I went to sleep a little after 7:30pm.  I slept all the way until 6am this morning and STILL felt that I needed a gigantic mug of coffee to wake up.  Why am I so masochistic?  Why do i participate in these things if they mess me up this bad?…  ’cause I’m not gonna die from a tummy ache but running it was pretty awesome  🙂

I’m going to start researching why my body is behaving this way.  I’ve read after just a brief search that it could be due to dehydration.  Considering how hot it was yesterday, that could be the key.  More info to come…

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