January 29th: Kindness Quilt Panic part 2

Today, I am once again grateful for my mother who is a SAINT for putting up with my crazy ideas.  Although I told her this afternoon that I wouldn’t need her help in finishing the quilt, my poor mom called me around 8:30 to see how it was going… Around 8:35 she was back at my house in her PJs on her knees stretching out my quilt and pinning it together with the batting and back panel.

After over an hour of trying to figure out WHY it wasn’t coming together right (the batting kept bunching) we decided to change the game-plan.  I folded over and sewed in the edge of the front panel to make it look nice and neat, then put ribbons on the top to make it easy to hang and omitted the batting and back panel all together… it IS for decorative purposes any how.  No one will be using it to cuddle on the couch with so, why should it have batting? 😉  Plus, it turned out gorgeous!

We took turns getting frustrated with one another, we both yelled at Max for insisting on using the quilt as his doggie bed on more than one occasion, we problem solved together and we laughed hysterically at how ridiculously more complicated we had made a few steps (K.I.S.S.)  All in all, a pretty awesome time.

Check out these photos:

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