Why even “normal” guys online are un-dateable: Part 2



Category #2:  He’s VERY, VERY, VERY short… (like, shorter than YOU short)

Let me begin by stating that I am 5’4” and weight just under 120 lbs.  I am neither tall, exceptionally muscular or big-boned.  I’m just your average woman who’s actually kinda on the shorter side.   Generally speaking, as long as I have to glance up towards a gentleman that’s good enough for me.

Let me also inform those of you who have never on-line dated that men lie on their on-line dating profiles about almost everything.  What they lie about most of all, however, is their height (and their income, but we’ll save that topic for another article).  You can say that a man is, on average, a good 2” shorter in real life than what he claims on his dating profile.   That being said, when I reviewed the profile of a young podiatrist who had “liked” one of my profile pictures on the site a few months ago, I saw that he had described himself as being 5’6”.  I thought to myself, “Wow! Someone who is actually telling the truth about his height!”  So I “liked” one of his photos back.   After a few phone conversations, we decided to meet up for dinner.

When I walked into the restaurant, he was already seated at the bar and waved to me… He didn’t have to stand up for me to realize that he was a liar just like the rest of them and my 2” shorter rule applied to him as well…. Except maybe in his case it was 4”.  After sharing my experience with some of my girlfriends, here’s what I have learned about the female reaction to male height:

  1. In the words of one of my friends: “Small hands, small everything girl.”  Huh, good to know…
  2. It doesn’t feel right when you can see the top of your date’s head every time you wear heels (Just ask Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes.)
  3. It is difficult for a woman to maintain her weight… but knowing that if you gain so much as 5 lbs you’ll weigh more than the guy you’re dating is a damn good motivator.
  4. Some of us women, in the most primitive parts of our mind, just equate Male=Protector.  If you’re the physically imposing one, who’s protecting who, exactly?
  5. Yes, we women are shallow and stupid… but no more shallow and stupid than men are with their fixations on our physical appearance.

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