New Favorite Exercises for Butt and Thighs


Most women, like myself, have issues with their butt and upper thighs…. Especially us pear-shaped (or Spanish-guitar-shaped, as I prefer to be called) girls.

Here are some exercises that I’ve been doing listed order of most to least favorite.  They are fun, fast and easy to do right after a run or as a quick go-to workout when you have no time for anything else. The bonus is that they strengthen muscles necessary when running which takes the pressure off joints and ligaments… less knee and hip pain AND a better looking tush?… yes, please 🙂

5 Moves for Your Butt: I like the video and how it gives you time to press pause between exercises

3 Moves for Your Thighs:  It gives Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced versions of each exercise

More for your Thighs

Silly Dr Oz video but good info

4 thoughts on “New Favorite Exercises for Butt and Thighs

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy! I like the first link the best… I did the exercises yesterday and will do them again tomorrow 🙂


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