January 20th: I Beat Her! (and by “her”, I mean myself)

I will beat her 2

Today I am grateful for feeling awesome!  I’m healthy, my legs and hips are not in pain and I’m thinking I might just kick some serious ass in a couple weeks at my next half marathon: The Miami Marathon and Half Marathon on Feb. 2nd (formally the ING Miami Marathon).

This running season has been epic for me so far.  I’ve been putting in some serious efforts.  I’ve been running hard, cross training, eating well, making some sacrifices, taking some chances and believing in myself more.  And its paid off!  I have improved my personal best at each race by AT LEAST 2 minutes.  And although it may seem ridiculous to some, this is the first time in 6 years of running that I sincerely consider myself “a runner.” All these years, I have felt as though I have wanted to be a runner but could not quiet classify myself as one because I just wasn’t good enough.  But, I AM good enough.  And I’m owning my awesomeness today.  🙂

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