January 18th: Taking it easy on yourself

treat yo self

Today, I am grateful for being in-tune with my body and what it needs.  This morning, as all Saturday mornings, I was scheduled to do my long-run with my running group at 6am.  This requires me to wake up even earlier than I do to go to work and be dressed and at the running store with my friends on time.

After what felt like an entire week of fighting the slight beginnings of a cold and feeling exhausted all day, I looked at that alarm clock when it went off at 5:30am and did what I normally HATE myself for doing… I turned it off, rolled over and snuggled with Max (my dog, remember?) in bed for another 3 hours.  The only time I’ve skipped a long run in the past year has been because I was either out of town or truly sick (like that upper respiratory infection I had in December… yuck!).  I don’t like to be wishy washy about my commitments and get really angry at myself for not following through with things I know will be good for me either physically or emotionally/socially.

Its a good thing I did!  I ended up having to spend the entire morning at the mechanic getting something fixed, went shopping then had lunch with my aunt then hung out with some girlfriends on Miami Beach!  I didn’t get home until around midnight and was exhausted… add running 9 miles to that at the break of dawn and I think I might have finally gotten the cold I was fighting all week.

Life is good when we treat ourselves good (well) 🙂

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