January 17th: Moms

mom quote

Today, I struggled to help children at the school where I work who recently and lost their mother.  As I sat with them in my office, I thought about my relationship with my own mother and where I would be without her.  She drives me CRAZY… but I am thankful to have her in my life.  In fact, I am doubly lucky because I also have an amazing step-mom who loves me dearly.  And, although she was not yet part of my life while I was growing up, I feel as though I’ve known her forever.

Mothers and maternal figures are so important to our development as children and our continued growth as adults.  Yes, they may be opinionated, over-bearing, controlling, hormonal and frequently exhibit behaviors very similar to the symptoms of bipolar disorder but, …  we should cherish every moment we have with them here on earth.

3 thoughts on “January 17th: Moms

  1. I love you & Georgie so much! I thank God everyday that you & Georgie are in my life. I am proud to call you both my daughters! XOXO


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